Advantages of wetrooms:

It's a great way to make the most of the space in a small bathroom. With no step up to get into the shower, it's good for the elderly or those who are less mobile and children too.

A wet room is essentially a fully tanked, watertight bathroom without a bath or a shower cubicle, Instead a shower head flows freely into the room which has a gentle gradient to drain away the water (see the middle image above). This creates a complete open showering experience - however you may wish to install a contemporary glass screen for a feeling of privacy or to prevent water splashing everywhere.

For years wetrooms were limited to ground floors and had to be sited on a concrete base or at least on a screeded base, Innovations in wetroom products now make it possible to transform your upstairs bathroom into a fully sealed wetroom.

We have been designing and installing wet rooms for the last 10 years and are Hull's leading professional wet room designers / installers helping you get the wow factor on your wet room design.


Wet rooms look super stylish and streamlined

Just as an inside toilet was on everyone's wish list 50 years ago, the new 'must have' and latest trend in bathroom design is the wet room. Some industry experts expect wet rooms to outsell shower enclosures in years to come.

Wet rooms look super stylish and streamlined, and can add real value to your home. They are architectural, conceptual, integrated and give the illusion of space and open plan living.


Perfect For Large and Small Places

Wet rooms are perfect for both large and small spaces windowless box rooms, downstairs loos or part of a large bedroom, all you need is an open plan room with a shower, basin and loo and you can really add the wow factor to your home.