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Can I change the layout?
Yes, you can most of the time – though if there isn’t enough room, the suite will simply replace the old one. This is the easiest option from a plumbing point of view and will keep fitting costs to a minimum but you may want a complete change. 

There are many areas for improvement:

  • Install a bigger bath if you have room.
  • Install a whirlpool bath. Water jet systems can be fitted onto most new baths and add a real touch of luxury.
  • Forget the bath and just fit a good sized shower enclosure.
  • Include a vanity and/or a wall unit.
  • Opt for fitted bathroom furniture.

Starting from scratch
If you have the luxury of designing a bathroom from scratch instead of simply replacing your existing suite, you have a lot more options. The actual layout of a new bathroom is often a compromise between what you want and what will fit. For example: a toilet, bath or shower would normally be fitted to an outside wall to allow waste pipes to feed directly to the down pipe without the need to box them in.

Technical Considerations 
The suitability of most bathroom components will mainly be determined by your water pressure and type of hot water system. If in doubt, consult with a qualified tradesman to determine which products are suitable. Fitting should always be carried out according to manufacturer’s instructions.

What Water Heating System do I have?
Identify your hot water system:

Gravity System
The most common sort of hot water system, this is fed by a cold water header tank. The cold water is then heated by the boiler and stored in a hot water cylinder until required.

Combination Boiler 
This boiler does not have a cylinder to store the hot water; instead it heats as required and pumps it around the system. 

Water Pressure 
Most bathroom appliances require good water pressure to function properly. All cold water pipes are drawn directly from the mains supply and often vary in pressure. The water that feeds a gravity hot water system is stored in a header tank often located in the attic. The pressure in your hot water taps is determined by the height difference between the outlet and the header tank. For example, hot water taps in the upstairs bathroom will be at a lower pressure than those in the downstairs kitchen. Consequently, you need to check there is sufficient pressure in your system for the appliances. If the pressure is insufficient, you may need a pump. Hot water systems based on combination boilers are already under pressure, but should still be tested. Differences in pressure between the hot and cold water supply can adversely affect the way showers and mixer taps function. 

Shower or Bath or both? 
Some people like a good soak in the bath, others only ever shower. If there is enough room, consider fitting both a shower and a bath, or simply opt for a shower over the bath. A shower enclosure is very useful where space is limited, such as en-suite bathrooms.

Wet Room

Please click here to view Wet Rooms

Electric Showers 
Electric showers are like glorified kettles – they simply heat the water; the higher the showers power rating, the more hot water it will produce. You need to make sure your electric shower’s power is rated at 9.5 kilowatts. The ability of the shower unit to heat the water will also depend on the temperature of your mains supply, so in cold weather, the output of water will be less. Electric showers can be fitted almost anywhere with a cold water pipe and suitable power outlet. They’re economical to run, don’t require a high water pressure, provide hot water on demand and will work even when the hot water system is turned off, as in hot weather. They cannot however dispense as much warm water as mixer showers. 

Mixer Showers 
A mixer shower draws hot and cold water from your household supply and mixes them to the desired temperature. They provide a greater flow rate than electric showers and require readily available hot water. They also require good water pressure and may therefore benefit from the addition of a pump. A thermostatic control valve will also help stabilize the temperature. 

Power Showers 
Similar to mixer showers, power showers include a pump to boost the flow rate. The pump can either be part of the shower unit or located separately. Many mixer showers can be easily upgraded by the simple addition of a water pump. Note that pumps and power showers cannot be used with a combination boiler.  

Whirlpool Or Spa 
Whirlpools or spas can turn an ordinary bath into a luxury, relaxing experience. Available features include directional back and foot jets, water massage, different mood settings, aqua lights and built-in radios. 

Fitted Bathroom Furniture 
As well as making the bathroom easier to keep clean and tidy, fitted bathroom furniture gives you valuable storage space, even in the smallest bathrooms. The available options and colour combinations are almost endless, so come and view the displays and samples in our showroom. 

For their water resistant and hygiene properties, as well as their limitless design possibilities, nothing comes close to ceramic tiles. Consequently, they are an absolute necessity in wet areas. To complete the picture, most wall tiles also have co-ordinating floor tiles which offer a long lasting and functional match for the wall tiling. 

Under Floor Heating 
Nothing compares to the luxury of walking barefoot on warm tiles. Under floor heating costs about the same as a luxury towel warmer and is very economical to run. It is totally safe, simple to install and makes a welcome addition to any tiled floor. Bathroom systems should run at 12 volts, with the mains transformer normally located in an adjacent room. Elsewhere in the home, you should use a mains powered system. 

Don’t forget the Soap dish 
From mirrors, shelves and towel rails to soap dishes, toothbrush holders and robe hooks, accessories can really personalise your new bathroom.


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