Electric Showers

Electric showers can be installed into homes where there is not a stored hot water supply and such flexibility means that they can be fitted into most domestic situations.

This stylish range of electric showers offer a selection of power ratings, starting with a basic, low cost unit, to a high performance model. If you prefer a more powerful shower, simply choose a higher kilowatt rating for a greater flow rate, Available in 7.5kw, 8.5kw, 9.5kw, 10.4kw rating and available in all white or Matt chrome effect finish.


Mixer Showers

A mixer shower draws hot and cold water from your household supply and mixes them to the desired temperature. They provide a greater flow rate than electric showers and require readily available hot water. They also require good water pressure and may therefore benefit from the addition of a pump. A thermostatic control valve will also help stabilize the temperature.


Power Showers

Similar to mixer showers, power showers include a pump to boost the flow rate. The pump can either be part of the shower unit or located separately. Many mixer showers can be easily upgraded by the simple addition of a water pump. Note that pumps and power showers cannot be used with a combination boiler.